Cachaça Bartolomeu: Bringing Brazilian Spirit to Europe

Cachaca_BartolomeuCachaça may not be a drink you’ve heard of, but the chances are if you’re in Europe you will soon as the drink, hailing from Brazil, seems set to take European countries by storm. Sounds exotic, right? But what exactly is Cachaça.If you’ve been lucky enough to ever visit Brazil you probably will have come across the drink, it is the most drunk distilled spirit out there and is commonly consumed in a variety of different ways. Made from sugarcane, the drink is as exotic as you might imagine and Cachaça Bartolomeu make one of the more stylish and beautiful tasting versions as they try to make the drink go global.One way you may have come across the drink (and may not have even known about it) is by drinking the tropical and beautiful cocktail Caipirinha, which combines the spirit with ingredients lime and sugar (often brown sugar) to turn this into a refreshing pick-me-up, perfect for hot days served over ice (no wonder it hails from beautiful Brazil).

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