Why Sous Vide Cooking is Becoming So Popular

One of the reasons Sous Vide cooking has taken off is undeniably its featuring in the Bradley Cooper film ‘Burnt‘ – any hollywood A-Lister will probably help to boost a cooking method’s popularity, but there are loads of other reasons this has shot to prominence, and was doing so long before the Hangover star gave it a go in his fictional kitchen.

Cooking sous vide is simpler than its extravagant name may make you think. You basically seal the food in a pack using a vacuum sealer and leave them in a water bath, a combi stove, or other slow or water based cooker that can set and hold an objective heat to the accuracy of a few degrees. At the point when the meal in question achieves your objective temperature or time, remove it, finish it as desired and serve.

sous vide translates as “’under vacuum”’ in french so a good quality vacuum sealer for Sous Vide is a real bonus, and can make the process even simpler. Of course, simplicity is a massive part of the process here and the draw for people who want to get themselves into this type of cooking.

People are always looking for new ways to experiment with their food prep too, and Sous Vide seals in all the nutrients and flavours, you don’t lose anything to dripping or other ways of losing what is inside your meal.

A last critical advantage is that the shut bag makes a completely closed-in environment that adequately braises rather than any other type of cooking, so fixings cooked thusly are frequently juicier and more delicate as well as tender and flavoursome. Meals which are cooked sous vide don’t have the ‘fried’ feel or anything and they won’t get a lot of colour on the outside, however a basic flash fry in a pan for instance includes that customary flavor where required so you can achieve this where you need to still.

Should you cook everything Sous Vide? Probably not, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t a big benefit in the kitchen and having a sealer and being able to cook like this will make so many meals easier and more delicious.

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