Wine of the Week: Quady Elysium Black Muscat

muscatContinuing with our feature of bringing you a recommended wine of the week and talking you through some of their characteristics. Quady’s make this particular wine, a company with a more interesting story as founder Andrew Quady started his career making fireworks before switching to wine making in the 1980s and his second creation, the elysium black muscat is the wine we’re recommending today.

It is appropriate for our site too, as it is great for drinking with sweets such as cakes! The muscat wine is famous for actually having the flavour of grapes which is something that is relatively rare. The wine is known as something of a classic and is referred to in a lot of classic writing, so it has been around for an awfully long time.

Muscat is widely grown in the north of Italy, but this particular wine is from the United States, the fermentation process of the Elysium Black Muscat is designed in a way to further contribute to the grape flavour that is very much the signature of this type of wine. The notes go really well with sweet dishes as already described, specifically tastes like vanilla and chocolate.

The story of the quady winery is a really interesting one and the company has character as well as their awesome range. As always, if you’re going to buy it on bulk either to store away in your wine cellar or for the purposes of a business such as a wine bar, you can get discounts for buying more.

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