Wine of the Week: Il Pumo Primitivo

red wineIl Pumo Primitivo from San Marzano is a beautiful Italian red wine. It is from the Puglia region of Italy which has grown to be known for its great quality and value of wines. The region is surrounded by water on three sides which is said to cool the vineyards with a breeze, giving these wines their beautiful flavors, the area is also known for olive oil with about half of the olive oil made in all of Italy coming from this area.

Il Pumo Primitivo is brought to you by the cooperative of wine makers known as San Marzano, and like a lot of the other wines in this region it is known for its ability to go with a lot of meals making it a great choice for restaurant drinking, but also holds up on its own. Recommended to go with meats and of course lots of Italian meals like pasta or pizza for an authentic accompaniment.

The primitivo grape is of wonderful quality and has even been used in some French wines to add color. This is a wonderful value of wine which is suited to both male and female palates. It is a beautifully soft wine and goes down a treat, be careful and drink in moderation as it is easy to end up having one too many of any of the San Marzano wines. You can purchase this in cases too and even get a bulk discount on your wines, great for restaurants or just for putting in the cellar.

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