Popcorn Cake – An Impressive Cake!

4420988981_a7ca9f4beb_oI love to experiment with cakes and this is definitely one of the more experimental recipes that I have talked about here on the site, it is exciting, and may not be what you expected. This is great for parties or if you have guests coming and provides a real talking point when you bring it out and serve it. Plus, it tastes amazing.

The only thing I can really compare this to is rocky road, or maybe a rice crispy cake or cornflake cake as it has a similar kind of principle, the base is not a traditional ‘cake’ base (flour etc.) but instead, we’re using popcorn. I prefer to use homemade popcorn which I use a popcorn maker to produce (if you can do this at your party too you’re bound to be popular). And we use this as the main ingredient of the product. You can make it either as one big batch or as individual servings in cupcake cases or muffin cases.

The ingredients are open to a bit of experimentation, first we use the popcorn, and add our own choice of candy, there is all sorts you can add to it, but I love to use snickers and m and ms as they’re my personal favorites, but this recipe really lets you experiment. The thing that binds it all together and brings about the comparison with rocky road is melted marshmallow. Melt this in a pan and then add it to the mixture, before stirring very thoroughly to make sure it is spread among all of the corn. When you’ve done this, add it to a bowl or whatever you want to serve it in and let it set for around an hour in the fridge. Some of the more oddly shaped cake tins really add another dimension to the presentation of this dish.

After all of this you just invert the tin and remove your beautiful creation and you’re good to go! Bring it out and wow your guests, great for a kids party and something people are sure to remember long after the event, plus you can serve any leftover popcorn!

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