Yogurt Frosting – An Alternative to Cream

frostingThere’s no secret that people are trying to be healthier in the modern age. There’s a lot of pressure in an age of junk food and often an abundance of delicious food and ingredients to make amazing meals, be they sweet or savory, and people more than ever need to find ways to be healthier. One way is not to cut out things you love altogether, like cakes, but to use different ingredients and variations to make it better for you. One such way to do this is to replace calorie rich and often quite fatty creams with things like this, a yogurt frosting.

Yogurt frosting is so easy to make that there’s really no excuse not to give it a go, and it is delicious, you find it on some products we already buy such as go ahead bars or other similar products, but making your own is even better. I suggest starting with homemade yogurt which can be easily made in a yogurt maker, before following the instructions in the link above, which just requires sugar (can be substituted for sweetener), margarine or low fat spread and yogurt as well as optional vanilla or other flavorings, add some other interesting flavors to accompany the cake you have made.

This can also be used in other recipes, why not use superfood oats and make some lovely british style flapjacks with a yogurt frosting or coating? This can keep for a long time and provide a great snack any time of the day.

We are all for experimenting with cakes and yogurt is a good ingredient to use, you can either serve it with a cake or sweet dessert, and some people even make certain cakes that have yogurt in the recipe to start with, as well as being great for this creamy frosting as we can see.

Another brilliant resource from Betty Crocker’s recipe, a really quick and simple instructory video or tutorial of how to make it.

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