The Best Cookie Cutters for your Kitchen

cookie cuttersIts not just cakes we are mad about here at, we pretty much are dedicated to all home made sweet treats. A few years ago cupcakes and brownies where all the rage for home made finger food type sweat treats. A resurgence in bigger, bolder grander cakes has seen these on the slide slightly, but another small, quick baking snack is becoming very popular. The cookie. Who does not love that smell of hot, fresh cookies drifting through the house. Meeting them still warm and soft so the chocolate is melting in the middle is what we all dream of, however they are also great fun as well as tasty. Cutting out funny and cool shapes is a great way to get the kids and family involved in the baking. Here are a few cutters we think its crucial to have in the home.

Your basic circle shape is a must have, as it is the basic shape you may be using most often, but beyond that the possibilities are endless. Cookies for occasions are great so consider all the major and minor holidays as home made cookies make a great gift.

A heart shaped cutter for valentines gives a nice touch, especially when mixed with a red velvet recipe, as are Christmas character shaped one. You can ice these cookies after wards to give your reindeer and Santa’s fun faces, and it is again something the kids can get involved with.

Bells, and snowmen are also great and usually all come within the same pack if you find the right one. Moving away form that consider a gingerbread man style shape for making actual ginger bread man, or versatile other characters for numerous occasions.

There are loads of other options and some official branded cutters such as cartoon characters or others like Hello Kitty, which can be great fun and used for loads of different things. Be sure to get a nice and diverse collection, as this is crucial for any serious cookie creator. Happy baking!

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