My Best Summer Cake Ideas

strawberry-cake-188582_640Food is seasonal, that’s not news to anybody. Usually though it is a certain type of food that is appropriate for the type of year. For example a stew is best to warm you up in the winter weather its lamb, beef or chicken. Cakes and baking is totally different. A cake is a vessel for different fillings and toppings, and that is what makes them seasonal. So with summer in full force what sort of cakes can you make that will fit the mood perfectly. Light and not too filling, perfect for outdoor entertaining, and all manner of summer occasions.

It is no shock that fruit will feature heavily in these cake ideas, and we will be looking for fresh sharp flavours that light the pallet up and sit easy on the stomach, The rich, dark and heavy cakes and puds of winter time are to be left behind.

Our first suggestion was one that we found online and instantly had to try., and that’s a rhubarb and lemon curd cake. A light and fluffy lemon sponge is covered in a sweat cream icing with a hint of lemon in it, topped with pieces of rhubarb. A fantastic sharp and tort flavour, is perfect to go along with a very airy sponge. A must try for summer dessert lovers.

Following on from the lemon and rhubarb we switch stay with the citrus theme and offer up some gooseberry and orange drizzle cakes. A interesting twist on your usual drizzle cakes offers a slightly heavier summer dessert, and can be served with cream or warm custard. We cut ours into smaller slices no dissimilar to brownies, but would work just as well as a large cake to slice.

Finally we bring you the classic summer offering. Our raspberry bakewell cake. SO many people out there love that bakewell flavour from cheery bakwell’s, and adding it to a cake is fabulous. We swapped cherries for raspberries and found a subtly rich and fresh cake, that was perfect for those hot summer days. Perfect for popping a slice in the lunch box to enjoy at work.

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