Cheesecake Tips – Make the Best Cheesecake! is not just about the traditional sponge cakes, and hot slabs of rich filling pudding best served with custard. No not here! The cake that most people clamour to write about, because of their love and passion for it, is the cheesecake. No desert menu from your cosy little pub, to the grandest and poshest of restaurants would be complete with a token offering of some type of cheesecake. Why? PEOPLE LOVE IT. SO many strive to create the perfect one at home, but struggle with this most beloved of desert. Never fear, for we have got a few handy tips to vastly improve your home made creations.

Firstly lets start with saying cheesecake requires a very different hand to your usual sponge creations. When mixing a sponge batter the idea is to heavily mix air into the cake so it can rise, and be light and fluffy. Cheesecake however will not thank you for over mixing it.

Also the type of cheese used varies depending on the type of cheesecake you are looking to create. It does not all have to be bog standard supermarket brand soft cream cheese. Your heavy, thick and rich New York style cheese cake calls for Philadelphia cream cheese, where as the more airy and lighter Italian offerings are usually best when made with ricotta. Be sure to look around and try and mix up your cheese choice. Experiment with things like cottage cheese, as we have had some truly fantastic results and fantastic textures from thinking outside the box.

Make sure you prep your ingredients. Get them out of storage about 20-35 minutes before you begin creating your masterpiece. This allows them to reach room temperature and will help you get the best out of what you are putting into your recipe.

You want to avoid overheating a cheesecake at all costs. It is meant to be gradually shown heat, rather than rapid fluctuations in heat. A slow low bake is required, and try turning the oven off just as it is still loose in the middle. This will let it cool in the oven and gives a very creamy texture and a delicious moistness. This should also prevent cracks from appearing in your cake. Also when cutting it make sure to dip the knife in a little cool water first, so it slices nicely, and without compromising the rest of the cheesecake.

Hopefully these quick tips will help when making your own cheesecake. Apply them to your own creations or structured recipes so that you can see the results for yourself,. Be sure to let us know how you get on, and we can not wait to bring you more of our own cheesecake recipes and idea is the coming weeks. Good luck!

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