How to Make a Great Sponge Cake

sponge-cake-389071_640Sponge cakes are the fundamental when it comes to baking. They can be used with a variety of fillings, and the versatility is one of the main reasons they are so popular. No matter what filling or icing you choose though, you still need to have the basics of a great soft and fluffy sponge in order to get the desired effect. Here are some great tips for achieving it.

First thing you need is to prepare well. Obviously this goes for equipment and ingredients but look beyond that. Sponge cakes need to go into a nice hot oven so make sure that is pre heated well in advance. Also if any sort of self raising that you may add work very fast, so make sure you wont be wasting any time searching round for utensils and ingredients. Make sure your butter is soft, before turning too runny or greasy and that the eggs have been left at room temperature.

Next when it comes to creaming don’t worry to much about electric whisks. A wooden spatula and a willing arm and elbow will do the job. An electric whisk is always best, but do not get too caught up about the idea if you don’t have one handy.

When folding in the flour take care and use a metal spoon or plastic flat spatula. A wooden spoon can crush the air bubbles you have been putting into it during creaming, removing that fluffy light texture. Also do not go over the top with this as it can lead to the sponge becoming tough.

The final tip we can offer is knowing when its done. Take a long wooden skewer and sink into the middle. It should come out either very slightly oily or completely dry. This is when you have achieved perfection. Always cook on a rack in the dead centre of the oven as well, and as we mentioned earlier always pre heat.

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